How To Achieve Backspin With Your Golf Ball

How To Achieve Backspin

Achieving backspin is one of those essential skills that will help take your golf game to the next level. You will notice the professionals attempting this shot, sometimes in spectacular fashion when, a ball lands ten or 15ft beyond a hole, then as if by magic it backs up so far that they need only make a simple tap in.

As you may have seen backspin can be an extremely useful weapon to have in your arsenal as long as the conditions are right. If you’re an amateur golfer practicing this skill and getting it right will take a lot of practice time, so to make life easier we have put together the following tips to help not only with technique but when to attempt backspin.

With practice, the following tips should not only help lower your score but also give you a better chance of achieving the required backspin on your shots whenever the position of the ball demands it.

Attempt backspin when the conditions are right
Things can go spectacularly wrong if you attempt to achieve backspin under certain conditions. Achieving backspin is all about the amount of friction that is generated between the club and ball.

So naturally anything that reduces the amount of friction such as dirt in the grooves of the clubface, or if you happen to be attempting the shot from long grass, will reduce the amount of backspin you can achieve.

Choose the right club
Your choice of club will determine how much backspin you can achieve and how accurate your shot will be so it’s important to get this right. You should use a wedge if you are playing close to the pin. If you are practicing loft from further away it will be easier to use a short iron because this will allow you to achieve more loft – a crucial component of achieving spin. It may be useful to practice with a lob wedge to build confidence.

Hit down on the ball
Unlike other shots, backspin requires you to hit down on the ball so you will need to position yourself differently than for other shots. If you are having trouble achieving backspin on your ball then try moving you back foot closer to the ball rather than at the centre. This will make it easier to hit downwards.

If you are attempting to play the shot closer to the green which requires a low flying pitch with a high rate of spin, try coming in at a shallow angle while keeping your hands ahead at impact.
Wind is your friend if it’s against you

If the wind is blowing in the same direction you want your ball to travel, then there isn’t much point in fighting the elements and trying to achieve backspin. If, on the other hand, the wind is against you then use the conditions. Wind will help generate more pin and consequently more power.

There will be times where backspin eludes you because there are so many forces at work. Even when you follow expert advice on how to achieve it the skill can be difficult to get right. The important thing is to practice and find a technique that works best for you so that you can achieve backspin consistently and lower your scores.