7 Health Benefits Of Golf Club Membership

Health Benefits of Golf

If you were ever thinking of joining a golf club or if your other half thinks that you play too much golf you have the perfect excuse – golf is good for you. So good that studies have found it can actually prolong your life.

Over the years there have been many hundreds of studies into the physical and mental health benefits of golf. This leads us to conclude with some confidence, that joining your local golf club is not just about getting some time out away from work, it’s also about gaining access to these five health benefits as well.

1. A study released by a Swedish Medical University found that people who played golf regularly were 40% less likely to die than those who didn’t. The study compared people who belonged to the same socio-economic groups, sex and ages.

2. The same study found even greater benefits for golfers with a low handicap which is another good excuse to go and spend even more time practicing your game.

3. A golfer can burn off 1,400 calories playing 18 holes. Studies have shown that burning off 2,500 calories a week is enough to reduce potentially life threatening ailments such as heart disease as well as cancer. Riding a golf cart isn’t quite so effective but you can at least burn 400 calories which is more than you would running or rowing at a steady pace for 10 minutes.

4. Golf means you expose yourself to the health giving effects of the sun. A healthy dose of vitamin D is great for boosting the immune system and energy levels and all that sunlight you get can even boost oxygen levels in your blood cells.

5. The social benefits of golf are well known. Getting out and socialising is good for general wellbeing and sometimes it might even be good for a career or business! People with strong social connections are also 50% more likely to live longer according to studies.

6. Playing golf regularly can also be good for mental health. It stimulates us to improve and achievements can raise levels of self-esteem and confidence.

7. Getting out and about in a natural environment helps restore balance in life, particularly if most of your week is spent cooped up in an office.

Do you have any health benefits to add to this list? If you do we would be delighted to hear them.

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