5 Winter Golf Tips

It may not be winter quite yet but it does tend to get quieter out on the course at this time of year as people start packing up their golf clubs. This shouldn’t stop you from getting out and playing golf!

Golf in the winter can be just as, if not more enjoyable than playing in the summer sometimes and with this in mind here are 5 winter golf tips to help you enjoy playing even when it’s cold, wet or frosty.

1.    Take it easier
Treat the winter months as an opportunity to practice. Don’t get too discouraged if you’re not shooting under your handicap. Remember the weather and the state of the greens, which are generally poor in the winter months will often stop you from achieving your best. By adding a couple of strokes onto par you will be building confidence rather than feeling demoralised.

2.    Book a golf holiday abroad
Book a flight to somewhere warmer such as Spain or Portugal which have excellent almost year round playing conditions. Out of the main holiday season flights and accommodation will be a lot cheaper. Getting some winter sun may also give you an energy boost through the long winter months.

3.    Maintain a good body temperature
If you do find yourself out playing in the cold, which in Scotland is usually a factor at this time of year, make sure you maintain warmth and keep your body working. There is little to be gained from exposing yourself to the risk of getting cold and subsequently ill from spending too long outside and getting wet. Experts advise raising your metabolism with some snacks before you go out on the course. Healthy options include green tea or protein shakes which will help raise your core body temperature.  If you’re thinking a flask of whisky will do the trick, then think again, this will only lower your body temperature and leave you more exposed to the effects of the cold.

4.    Invest in some all-weather golf gloves
Having a good pair of gloves can make all the difference to comfort levels in the winter and the same is true on the golf course. You will need your gloves to be waterproof, lightweight as well as keep your hands warm for hours at a time. All the major manufacturers make some highly effective gloves which are fleece lined while also making it easier to grip the club than was the case in the past.

5.    Get more loft
Now is a good time to think about adjusting your driver to get more loft. This will pay off particularly in the winter where playing conditions are more difficult. The more loft you have the more distance you can achieve so it is worth going along to a pro to help you with the right adjustments.

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