5 Best Hole in Ones Of The Past 12 Months

The main golf season may be drawing to a close with all the Majors now complete. The one thing the past 12 months will certainly be remembered for are some spectacular hole in ones. This selection might not be the best among all the aces this year but they are certainly the biggest headline grabbers and include a record breaker from a well-known Spanish golfer, a first from Rory McIlroy and a hole in one which tops the lot for the best celebration.

Andrew Johnson’s hole in one chest bump

You know that feeling when you get a hole in one? This is probably how you would want to celebrate.

Scott Brown’s hole in one

This is probably one of the more retrained hole in one celebrations. If I had my mortgage paid for a year I would be celebrating like the above…

Georgia Hall’s in the driving seat with this hole in one

She only turned pro in 2014 and English golfer Georgia Hall hot the headlines the following December when she won a Mercedes Benz. The only proble was she had yet to pass her driving test.

Miguel Ángel Jiménez record hole in one

Jiménez went hole in one crazy this year and it ws this hole in one which saw him equal Colin Mongomery’s 9 hole in one record. He soon went on to achieve more.

Rory Mcilroy’s first hole in one

It’s incredible to think that one of the world’s best golfers had yet to hit a hole in one. McIlroy finally managed to get one in Abu Dhabi in January this year

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